Members of the Point Lookout Civic Association met with Town of Hempstead Conservation & Waterways in November 2021 to discuss ongoing Revetment work along Jones Inlet.

Details of the proposal, as approved by New York State, can be found here.

The project, which had been presented at a General PLCA meeting years ago when it was proposed, has been approved by all government authorities. Funding is currently at $4 million, which it may exceed.

Work has now commenced, and the entire project should last two years. Sand dredged from near the Loop Drawbridge is being trucked to Pt Lookout, dried, and smoothed to raise the sand bed. This is being done by the TOH and private contractors.

The Town confirmed that, during the period of revetment work there will still be full access to the baseball fields, the playground, the bocce courts and the community garden. We ask that residents stay away from the fenced off area, shoreline and area behind Mineola Avenue as that is where the majority of the work will be taking place.

Work has been divided into three phases:

  • Phase A will focus on construction of the revetment from Mineola North of the Rev’s House proceeding to Beech Street.
  • Phase B will focus on construction of the revetment from Beech Street to roughly Bayside Drive.
  • Phase C will focus on the deconstruction of two existing groins on Jones Inlet and the area running East from the most easterly house on Reynolds Channel to Jones Inlet (the Cove), followed by the construction of the revetment along that curve.

By building this, engineers believe that the benefits will be:

  1. Protection of Pt Lookout from the Eastern Front (especially those houses on the East side of Mineola Avenue and the North side of Bayside Drive
  2. Removement of the cement rubble and rebar from that area, replaced by specifically engineered boulders and fill
  3. Removal of the two groins that will allow the seaweed, now being trapped at the area of Reynolds Channel and Jones Inlet, to be swept out with the tides, reducing smell, etc.

The Town said the revetment would consist of dunes and an engineered stone revetment.

The Town confirmed that the revetment would rise approximately 3.5 feet and that pedestrians could cross it easily to reach the cove beach.

The Town noted that privately owned catamarans stored on TOH park property near Jones Inlet must soon be either be removed or will be destroyed. It is recommended they be brought to the West Marina and could then be launched when needed at the ramp.

All parties agreed to keep one another informed of any issues arising. The PLO Parks Committee will act as a liaison to TOH Conservation & Waterways, reporting to the PLCA Board and will communicate regularly with the community.


Brendan Cahill

Parks Committee