Zoning Positions



The Point Lookout Civic Association encourages property upgrades and supports property use variances within reason. The Zoning Committee will review all plans requesting a variance and will object if these conditions are not met.


    • Septic – An engineer certified adequate system to assure on site treatment and location on property.
    • Building Height – Historically within a maximum of 30ft. from crown of road to roof peak. ┬áThis has since been revised to a maximum Base Flood Elevation (BFE) plus 2 feet plus 30 which is the current FEMA requirements.
    • Set Backs – Front, side and rear that assure emergency fire access, septic placement and leaching. Building code require side yards be no less than 5 feet.
    • Parking – Legal driveway that can accommodate an average length car without overlap on sidewalk. PLCA would not object to an area use variance on subdivision requests if the resulting lot size is 6000 sq. ft. or more.