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Our Mission

The Point Lookout Civic Association acts on behalf of the residents of Point Lookout, through engagement with local governments, for the beautification, safety, improvement, and protection of our community. 

What We Do


We work with our governmental representatives to advocate for measures that preserve the tranquility of our community. This includes advocating for and working with our local, state, and federal agencies on dredging initiatives, traffic calming, and shoreline hardening efforts.


We organize various events throughout the year that build a sense of community.  These events include Children’s Day, Welcome to Summer Party, Pumpkin Walk, and Movie on the Beach.


Our e-blast system provides timely updates on local news, stories of interest and local events.  From weather updates to the latest charity event, we assimilate information to keep the community informed.

Our History

The PLCA – A Rich History Paving the Way to an even Brighter Future...The barrier beach on which Point Lookout sits has been, in one incarnation or another, there for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The first mention of Point Lookout begins to appear in the mid 19th century, as a location for whalers, and as a dangerous spot for ships. A U.S. Life Saving Station was established at Point Lookout in 1872; ironically, it was due to the the tragic wreck of the U.S.S. Mexico on January 2, 1837 that a U.S. Life Saving Service was created, and remained there until Farmers grew salt hay on the marshes that stretch behind. 

A series of hotel and seasonal bungalows were built, as was a seasonal railroad connecting it to Long Beach but nearly all were destroyed over time by either winter storms or fire. During the summer months ferries from the Woodcleft Canal in Freeport brought hundreds of day-trippers to Point Lookout’s beaches, and for those who lived in Point Lookout, or in the small community to the east called Nassau By the Sea, the barrier island was a paradise.

In 1906 Senator Reynolds of Brooklyn led a consortium that purchased the entire barrier island. In 1918 Nassau By the Sea is nearly wiped out by fire. In the 1920s Senator Reynolds established Point Lookout Inc, which brought in concrete streets and divided our community into small plots which were sold to families for approximately $2500 a parcel. Point Lookout was born as a community. Those bungalows that had not burned in Nassau By the Sea, as well as others from other marsh islands, are moved to Point Lookout and can be seen around the community today.

The Point Lookout Civic Association was incorporated in 1931 and had as its mission the protection of the community. It has over the past seventy-five years, helped raise funds for the first Fire Department truck, paved the streets, worked on restricting on-street parking, reduced the speed limit to 15 mph, worked to get sanitation and water improved, created a single-family community. In 1933 it created Children’s Day, a tradition that has continued unabated to this day. It has protected our borders from development and our aquifer from intrusion and overuse. It has maintained our beach district for exclusive use by Point Lookout residents, it has petitioned successfully time and again to get our beach replenished and worked to protect it through a system of jetties. It has tried in the face of continued assault to protect our zoning so that our beloved community remains the unique oasis that it is.

The Point Lookout Civic Association is as strong as its membership. Join, become involved, and help your Civic Association help the community.

With Your Help, We are Making Point Lookout a Better Place

The Point Lookout Civic Association aims to preserve and enhance our way of life in this truly unique place we call home.  With our members’ help, we’ve been able to host beach movie nights and concerts, create a community garden, build bocce courts, and much more.

Show Your Support By Becoming a Member

Membership helps fund many of the initiatives and activities you enjoy around town. By becoming a member you help keep things running as well as have a say in the future of Point Lookout.

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