The Army Corps Project continues to progress on Civic Beach. H&L completed work on the jetty, Terminal Groin 58, on Friday. H&L will continue with some additional cleanup work both in Civic Park and the area directly around the jetty during the next couple of weeks. They will be completely out of our area by mid-January if not sooner.

Galvin Brothers continues pile driving this week near the East Bath House of Town Park. We expect them to continue with prep work in our area this week, with pile driving expected to begin on or about December 21st. We are still working on final design approvals of the Garden City walkover and the new sun shelter. Galvin may need to jump ahead to Inwood and then work their way back west. But, after a brief reprieve, we expect the Pavilion demolition to occur towards the end of this week when full operations move to Civic Beach.

There is still a good amount of sand work that needs to happen to shore up our existing dunes, build the new dune in the area of the pavilion, and raise the beach around the recently completed jetty. That work will be done in different intervals as the pile driving progresses. Additionally, the beach path by Inwood Avenue will be temporarily unusable as the path will need to be broken up so that pile driving for the new staircase can occur.

We are still trying to finalize a schedule for completion of all of the walkovers along the barrier island including our new sun shelter. Please keep in mind, all of the Town of Hempstead walkovers are subject to the piping plover building restrictions that begin on April 1st. Galvin Brothers will only be able to complete half of the required walkovers prior to this restriction. We should expect some of our work to be finalized in the fall of 2019.

As always, please let us know if there are any questions.