As the Army Corps work progresses on Civic Beach, we wanted to provide the community with an update. H&L, the contractor working on the terminal groin, continues their effort. Access to material became an issue, but that has since been resolved. We expect construction work to be completed in the near future but do not have a definitive timetable on when they will finish the jetty, clean up, and completely exit our area. We have received a number of questions regarding the length of the jetty and shouldn’t it be longer. Keep in mind, the jetty is well over 400 feet long and actually extends an additional 75 feet underwater which cannot be seen from the beach.

As we recently posted on our Facebook page, Great Lakes Dredge is currently conducting operations on what has been historically called Second Beach. Due to anticipated surf conditions, work has temporarily halted with operations expected to resume again on Saturday. As a result, we expect dredging work to begin this weekend on Civic Beach. When this work commences, the beach is closed to all for the duration of this work. Because of the scale of the operation, the process moves approximately 300 feet per day so we anticipate the beach to be closed for only a couple of days. Again, we cannot emphasize enough to stay off the beach during the dredging operation. The uneven sand and dredge pools make for extremely hazardous conditions.

The final phase for our area will be the walkovers, the pavilion rebuild and the construction of the backside of the dune. Yesterday, we met with the Army Corps, NYS DEC, Commissioner Doheny, and the contractor tasked with this work. We proposed a number of revisions to the original Army Corp’s walkover proposal that will make our beach accessible year round by extending the walkovers to the beach level. We have also proposed direct access to Second Beach from the new pavilion and that was tentatively approved yesterday. In all, we will have three walkovers, Inwood Avenue, Garden City and one off the new pavilion. We did request that the pavilion be moved more south but per NYS DEC regulations, this was not possible as all structures with the exception of walkovers need to be on the landward slope (northside) of the dunes. After the pilings for the walkovers and pavilion are completed, sand will be brought in by truck/machine to complete the back-side of the dune. Pile driving is currently occurring at Nassau Beach and we expect them to continue to slowly make their way east. While we do not have a definitive start date for pile driving and the demo of the pavilion, we expect this work to begin sometime during the month of December.

As always, please let us know if there are any questions or concerns.