Since we last updated you in November, the Civic has been actively engaged in dialogue with the Army Corps, NYS DEC and the various local municipality sponsors of the “Dredging Project.” Those who have bravely ventured to the beach the last couple of weeks have noticed the Stonehenge like transformation of our waterline. We are hopeful more significant work will begin in the very near future.

As you know, we had hoped for a mid-January start for our newly designed jetty. Unfortunately, the regulatory hurdles and powers that be made implementing the design changes a bit more challenging than anticipated. Thank you to Conservation & Waterways Commissioner Tom Doheny for his ongoing efforts and unwavering attention to pushing this design change that will result in significantly less shoreline loss than the original design.

So what does this mean?

We are hoping for work to begin in the next couple of weeks.

Will the contractor, H& L, complete work by plover season?

No, the work is expected to last 4 months. That timetable does have the project completed prior to the summer.

But I thought the contractor cannot work during plover season.

They are allowed to work east of the main Civic beach entrance but not west into Town Park. A protective chick barrier will be erected to mark the westernmost point of the project.

What about rock delivery?

Rock delivery will continue to Town Park until the end of March. The contractor will work as quickly and diligently as possible to secure as much material prior to April 1st. It is highly unlikely the contractor will secure enough material by the start of plover season. As a result, they will transition to Civic Park prior to April 1st and use the inlet haul rode for access to Civic Beach as they did with the revetment wall.

Will this changed timetable impact the sand work?

No. The contract has not yet been awarded and that contract will be subject to the same plover restrictions as contract 1.

We are hoping to schedule a community outreach event in mid to late March to discuss the specifics of contract 2. We will broadcast the specifics of the event once we have a confirmed date.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions and we will do our best to answer them.